20.00 Booking Fee is Required to book! This Booking Fee is non refundable but it does go toward your service balance. 

Fill In

You must have 40% of your lashes still on to be considered a fill in. After 3 weeks from the date of your last appointment, you will need to book for a full set. Pricing will be adjusted so please book accordingly.

Late Fees

Please be on time. As you being late will cut into your lashing time and may result in your lashes not being as full as they should had you arrived on time. A 15.00 late fee will be applied to your balance if you are 10-15mins late to your appointment! Anytime after 15mins will result in you appointment being cancelled unless I agree to move forward with the appointment. But the fee will still apply. If  I have to cancel your appointment after the 15mins, your deposit is void and a new deposit is required to book another appointment.

In the event you have to cancel your appointment, please note that all booking fees are nonrefundable. You may reschedule 1 time per booking fee if you cancel your appointment within 24hrs, but you must reschedule your new appointment within 2 weeks or the booking fee will be void and a new deposit will be required to schedule a new appointment. If you cancel the same day of your appointment, you will lose your booking fee and you will not be allowed to book another appointment unless the service is paid for in full and upfront.  Please be kind and give a 24 hour notice of cancellation. 
If I have to cancel your appointment for any reason, I will refund your deposit back in full or offer to reschedule you 


50% of that service that you did not show up  to has to be paid  plus your future appointment are to be paid in Full and upfront before another appointment is scheduled. You may not be allowed to book services at all.

Day of Appointment

Please arrive to your appointment with NO makeup on at all, clean lashes and a clean face. A 10.00 fee will be applied if you come to your appointment with dirty lashes. 

- Avoid using heavily oil based lotion on the day of your appointment or getting any product on your lashes.

- If you wear contacts, please bring your solution and case to remove them during the procedure. 

-Avoid caffeine before your appointment as you will need to lie still for up to 3 hours.

- No kids/guest are allowed 

- Plan for 2.5-3 hours(depending on how many natural lashes you have)

-Please plan to pay remaining balance with CASH or CashApp 

*Note- Please notify me within 48hrs if you are having any complications with your services so that I can accommodate any issues you may be having. If you have not contacted me within the 48hr I am unaware that you were having issues and at that time please book for a 1 week pop out fill. 

*Note- Please know that following aftercare instruction will help with maintaining the fullness of your lashes please clean your lashes daily